If you are a pet owner, you probably know the struggle of keeping your home clean. The hair and fur stuck on your clothes to the footprints and muddy paws inside your home are proof to your furry friend.  

Of course, we love our pets. They make us happy. They keep us company as well. Aside from that, having a pet is also great for your health. This is according to research.  

It does not matter if your pet makes your task a bit more difficult, you still have to clean your home regularly. Fortunately, we’re here to help. 

Aside from hiring a Portland residential cleaning company, here are other tips you can follow to keep your home clean if you’ve got pets.  

Purchase High-Quality Cleaning Products 

While your cat or dog might look cute, they can leave a foul odor inside your house. This does not simply apply to your pet’s blankets and toys. Your pets can also track around the smell and leave it lingering on your bed, carpet, and couch.  

That’s why you need to buy high-quality cleaning products to help fight and remove pet odor. This can include sponges, highly absorbent mops, microfiber cloths, and much more.  

Also, you have to stick to mild products when it comes to cleaning solutions. The reason for this is that harsh products can be harmful to your pets.  

Buy a High-Quality Vacuum Cleaner 

A cheap vacuum will not do the job if you want to clean after your pets. You need to buy a model that has an excellent filter, strong suction, and one that does not get clogged easily. Aside from that, it should also include all the right accessories if you need to vacuum your upholstery or furniture.  

If you think investing in a high-quality vacuum cleaner costs a lot of money, you can always rely on a professional cleaning company for help. These companies have special vacuum cleaners that are specifically made for difficult tasks, such as cleaning after pets.  

Do Not Ignore Your Pets 

As a pet owner, your responsibilities include taking out your pets for their daily exercise or walks. You also have to feed them properly. These are your basic responsibilities.  

However, there are a couple of other things you need to do as well. This includes keeping your pets clean, particularly if they have spent a lot of time outside your property.  

You do not necessarily have to wash your pets using shampoo. A quick rinse using warm and clean water is enough. 

You’ve got to ensure you dry your pet thoroughly before you let them inside the house.  

Depending on the type of pet you’ve got, you might have to de-shed them from time to time. Once you’re done doing these things, you can allow your pets to run around inside your house without having to worry about mud or fur spreading around.   

If you do these basic tasks, you will notice how easy it is to clean your home.